About Us

Hi, I'm Nic, and also the creator of Iris Mae
In recent years I have discovered that making healthy choices for ourselves and our families can be challenging. I’m talking about the nasties lurking in many of the widely available products most of us are routinely exposing ourselves and our families to.
Have you heard of Hormone Disruptors? 
I had never read much about them until I began to experience chronic pain as a result of cysts that were taking over my liver. Since being diagnosed with Polycystic Liver Disease I have not only learned quite a bit about the hormone disruptors (scientifically referred to as Endocrine Disruptors) but also many other nasties widely present in products we use every day.

My particular condition is debilitating and meant I had no choice but to review my priorities. I decided that the work I do has to have real meaning and
purpose, surrounded by people I love and products I trust.
I needed to take things back to basics. Honest, natural and ethical with no hidden nasties or known hormone disrupters for myself and my family.
I knew that although I may be under specialist medical management, I can also take a holistic path on what we use daily, better for our bodies, better for the environment.
This was the beginning of Iris Mae.
Iris Mae became my lifestyle choice in making ethical and natural choices in areas of our lives and the journey in navigating my way through big changes required for me and my family.
All products Iris Mae stocks align with those principles.
I hope you will consider making Iris Mae your healthy lifestyle choice too.
The name was inspired by people who I love and that mean the most to me in life. 
Please take a moment to have a look around. 
If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact me.